Saturday, June 11, 2011

He's Alive!

In our final months in Córdoba, Argentina we'd grown accustomed to things not going as planned. Power outages before a showing of the Jesus film, having to visit 6 different hardware stores to find a part we needed, or a bus strike at the most inopportune time. But it's not always so.

Ezequiel invited one of the boys from Las Violetas to study the Bible with him. One turned into two, and two into ten. I was asked to come alongside and help.

Now, some of the same boys who, not so long ago, were throwing rocks and causing trouble, are sitting around a table, reading from the Bible, and sharing with one another. The Bible study was going so well that we offered to show a movie for Easter the following week.

We got the movie and setup the projector and sound system. The kids filed in, took their seats, and shared the chocolate eggs they had brought. “It's like a movie theatre,” they cheered when they saw the movie title projected onto the wall. They behaved so well, we hardly recognized them. They followed the story of Jesus from His birth, to His death, and to His resurrection. Towards the end one of the boys asked, “So . . . Jesus is still alive?!” Yes, He's alive indeed.

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